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This is my first time roleplaying Doctor Who and seeing as the Doctor is a pretty complex character, I'm probably going to make mistakes! So please, leave any comments or criticisms here because I would like to use all of them to improve on my playing. Anon is on, IP logging is off, and comments are not screened. If you would also like to contact me personally, my contact information is below. AIM is probably the best way to contact me. Thank you!

Email: spacetimehipster at gmail
Plurk: [plurk.com profile] bowtie
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Name ---- // The Doctor
Age Appears to be in his early to mid twenties. Really over 1100 years old and possibly more.
Team Sterling.

Height/Build 5'11"/145 lbs
Hair Color/Eye Color Brown/green
Notable Traits He has two hearts! And a slightly lower body temperature and supposedly sticky blood but no one bleeds in Doctor Who.

Other he has random alien characteristics! that come and go on the show depending on the how the writers feel. New possibilities every week!
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Hello there! Now quickly, I'm bored, tell me what's going on.
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Memory: Trivial Positive - "Fish Fingers and Custard"
Game: Duckling game
Game Master: The Ugly Duckling
Memory Form: A stuffed huggable duck plush

[Insert video clip here after I go scoring youtube for it.]

What He learned:
+At a very confusing point in his life, he met a young girl named Amelia Pond who took care of him and allowed him to eat fish fingers and custard. She had a crack in her wall and he promised to take a look at it. However, he had to leave before finishing but promised she could come with him on his journeys

What this means:
He remembers Amy Pond! Someone who is extremely important to him. Of course, he doesn't know yet that he left her behind for 12 years. But he now knows that he is a traveler of some kind and the idea of bringing someone with felt comfortable to him,
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★The ability to be an extremely self important special snowflake.

-Regained from: N/A Knight Skill.


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